Results 2011

"Titus Award"
First Place Male
Horsecow Hurd
Time of 17:10
“Kahara Award”
First Place Female
Melissa Dock
Time of 20:22
“Safari Award ”
Furthest Traveled Gorilla
Carole Adams
South Boston, MA
1711 miles away

International Gorilla
Skye Barbie
Rosemere, Quebec, Canada
1625 miles away
“Kirungi Award"
Senior Gorilla
Gertrude Insalaco
70 years young
First Gorilla to cross the
finish line on their bike.

Bib Numbers:
and 1108

three way tie.
Time 10:48
“Susa Award”
Largest Group Team
Service Source
57 Gorillas
 "Kwintoda Award"
Most Creative Individual
Poach Busters
 "Kwintoda Award"
Most Creative Group
Gorilligans Island
“Bahati Award"
Highest Fundraising
Leighann Sremba
In memory of Emma
Patio Team Race
between the Gorillas
and the Banana goes to:

First Boy Runner
Spencer Hughes 32:21
First Girl Runner
Kenzie Fluta 32:39
Last Place Gorillas :)
(a great gorilla story)

My girlfriend and I did the Denver Gorilla Run together in 2009. She's had a lifelong genetic condition that severely weakens all her joints and makes it very hard for her to stand or walk for more than a few minutes at a time. But she really wanted to do the Denver Gorilla Run, so in 2009 we made her condition part of her costume. She put on a patient's gown and got in her wheelchair, and I put on nurse's scrubs

She's been doing a new form of physical therapy trying to get stronger, and this year she said she wanted to try to walk the entire 5k herself, which given her condition is like deciding to run a full 26-mile marathon. Slowly but surely, she paced herself along. Starting around City of Cuernavaca Park we had a personal police escort of two motorcycles bringing up the rear behind us, and we started accumulating volunteers along the way as they realized there wasn't anyone else to guide. We took a couple breaks to sit down, take some medication, and stretch, but she did it: she finished the race all by herself. I was so proud of her, and I think it helped her to realize how far she's come in just a couple years of working to overcome her condition.

I think we finished around the one hour, twenty-five minute mark. I wasn't looking at the clock but that's what she remembered. Unfortunately we couldn't stick around outside, eating the food or listening to the MC. She couldn't stand any longer so we got a table in the back of the Wynkoop Brewery.

I just wanted to thank you for putting on the event. I know you had a Last Place 2010 award, and I was just wondering if you could extend that honor to the two of us this year. It would mean a lot to us, just the recognition that we were able to finish the race.

Thanks very much,
Billy Gooch (bib # 825) and Susan Friedman (bib # 824)

p.s. See you again next year!